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'Too Big' My 20 Ton Hoof! by NCMares
No Risk No Fun by Queen-KittyKat
Sweet Advantage by Zztfox
Friendship is Magic [SFM] by argodaemon
Group Mascots
Mascot Contest Entry by LightningBase
MyLittlePoniesFiM Mascot Contest 2015 by Potates-Chan
Celestia, Luna and Cadence
I am the night by Segraece
Luna portrait by Camyllea
i want this shirt!!! by filmcity
Princess Luna hiding from her Big Sister Celestia by littlewashu45
Twilight Sparkle
I'ts too tigh by NeroScottKennedy
son is this you're? by filmcity
Starlight x Trixie by Sonic2125
poor little spiky wiky by filmcity
Queen Bug Horse by RoyalTwilight
are you a foal or are you a changeling? by filmcity
you know for kids! by filmcity
Happy New Year by Shogundun
Pinkie Pie
no more sleepovers at pinkie's..... by filmcity
the land without smlies chapter 3 by filmcity
Pinkie check by Powdan
It's Spike's big moment. And Pinkie helps. by Pony4Koma
Rainbow Dash
[Comm] Colorful Sadness by Powdan
WEEEEEE by MoonDreamer16
Dash human by INowISeeI
Rainbow Dash by RainbowBlast20
Pomp And Crystal by AtomicMillennial
i'm losing it! by filmcity
can this get anything worse?! by filmcity
The Element of Generosity by Spirit--Productions
Apple Jack
Tiny Orange Horse (Collab w/ Dbleki) by Bow2YourWaifu
Feathermarking [commission] by grethzky
You're mine Apple! by nejcrozi
MY APPLES!!! (FlutterbatJack) by nejcrozi
oh no flutters! by filmcity
[Redraw] Fluttershy Resting by nekoDawnlight
You Will Be A Wife. YEAH! by filmcity
Can't Sleep will have nightmares can't sleep... by filmcity
Commission ID Prices by Spade-Sisters
Derpy Hooves
How Derpy became... derpy by SongbirdSerenade
Cutie Mark Crusaders
maybe now this prayer's The last one of it's kind by filmcity
Side Ponies
Not Doing Hurtful Things To Your Waifu 2017-Trixie by Bow2YourWaifu
Steam and Green GGG Gown Adopt [OPEN] by Pony-boutique
IT WAS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by filmcity
Sombra and Tirek
MLP Sombra)) by Enjal
Multiple Characters II
Nightmare Star Vs Nightmare Moon, Celestial Battle by ZidaneMina
Ginko by Atomic8497
Vintage Ponies FiM style
The first hearth warming by Das-Leben
Non Pony MLP Chars
Maths... by KingToby19
Try to reform it! by KingToby19

Mature Content

Deer in the Limelights (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
Other peoples' OCs
Comission - Jaegerpony 2 by age3rcm
Sketch commission for fluffyzecloud by ka-samy
DJ Pone-3 by Laszl
Equestria Girls
[Practice] Magical Bacon Hoars by Ruby-Dusk
The Dazzleings Pony Versions
Wolf Mare and Black Siren by BronyCooper
Kick Off - MLP OC by Deathdog3000
Multiple Characters
Find A Way: 004 by MLP-Element
Mascot Contest 2015
CONTEST ENTRY: Group Mascot #2 by Dizzee-Toaster
Christmas Decoration Contest 2014
A Trixie sort of Christmas by partylikeapegasister
2012 Secret Santa
horse booty by PoneBooth
Icon Contest 2012
Sketch commission - Evening Howler by ka-samy
Decoration Contest 2012
MLP:FiM Christmas Hearth's Warming Ornaments by Monostache
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Mascot Contest Winners

MyLittlePoniesFiM Mascot Contest 2015 by Potates-Chan Mascot Contest Entry by LightningBase
Sorry guys it took so long, I was very busy over the Easter break and didn't get a chance to choose the winners. In the end it was VERY hard to choose the mascot, all the entries were simply beautiful and original and I am certainly not lying when I changed my mind several times while choosing. The winners were chosen by: Design, Originality and how the cutiemark fit the group. You all did wonderful work and it was difficult picking just one winner. So... I decided 1st Place and Second would both become mascot. One would represent Originality and One Design!

Winners please send messages to the prize givers with a link to which Pony OC you want drawn! For journal features please send which images you want featured! Congratulations to everyone, you all did amazing work!

3rd Place:
CONTEST ENTRY: Group Mascot #2 by Dizzee-Toaster

2nd Place (Design):
Mascot Contest Entry by LightningBase

1st Place (Originality):
MyLittlePoniesFiM Mascot Contest 2015 by Potates-Chan

Did someone say Contest?
Mascot Contest Logo 2015 by Deathdog3000

Hey guys. with February beginning it's time to start an all new contest for the club to create a pony that represents us. We ask you, the members to create a lovely new pony mascot for us. It can be male or female, and any kind of pony but it MUST be a pony. Not a gryphon or a dragon. After all this is My Little PONIES FiM :iconcelestiaderpplz:

!This contest will be judged on creativity and design, artistic talent is not required but will assist in representing your design!

Contest Rules:
- You may submit two entries but only one entry can place in the contest
- Ponies only.
- Your pony may be Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn, Zebra, Breezy or even Alicorn! Anything that's in pony form. (Sorry no draconequus like Discord)
- This must be a completely original OC, please don't submit an OC that represents you or that you've drawn before.
- Cutie Mark should represent the club in some way, though be creative. It could represent our acceptance of all skill levels of artists or our passion for drawing, or the amazing different media we allow. (Sculpture, handcrafts, plushies, writers, etc)
- Please submit all entries into deviantart, no tumblr or etsy or anything. This is a deviant-art contest
- The contest requires a minimum of 3 entries to be judged.

How to Enter:
- Draw the mascot OC you desire in any medium and submit it to deviantart.
- You may submit one or two entries
- The entries are due by 31st of March 11:59pm EST don't leave it till the last minute just in case!
- Submit your entries to the deviantart folder for the contest (mascot contest 2015)

Want to donate a prize? Note the club or Deathdog3000 with what you wish to offer and to what place!

1st Place:
- Artwork drawn of your character in full shaded colour by Deathdog3000
- A journal entry featuring 6 of your best artworks
- Artwork of your Oc or Character of your choosing in full shaded color by ForeverRoseify

2nd Place:
- Artwork drawn of your character in flat shaded colour by Deathdog3000
- A journal entry featuring 4 of your best artworks
- Artwork of your Oc or Character of your choosing in flat color by ForeverRoseify

3nd Place:
- Sketch drawn of your character  Deathdog3000
- A journal entry featuring 2 of your best artwork
- Lineart of your Oc or Character of your choosing by ForeverRoseify

Steampunk pony by Kobikobo3D Mascot Contest Entry by LightningBase Mascot by mississippikite MyLittlePoniesFiM Mascot Contest 2015 by Potates-Chan Mascot Contest 2015 Entry by Circus-Cinnamon It Needs More... Blue Mascot Contest Entry by MyDemonsCuddleWithMe CONTEST ENTRY: Group Mascot by Dizzee-Toaster  Design A Mascot 2015 by Koteikiow :thumb516743584: CONTEST ENTRY: Group Mascot #2 by Dizzee-Toaster
More Journal Entries


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MisterAibo Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Your "resources" folder has a typo in it.
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Can someone draw my 2 oc's in EQ style?
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i could but what will i get for my efforts
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Note me and we'll discuss details further.
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Soo... where I can post artwork of Starlight Glimmer?
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FakeTsuki Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, just wanting to let you know that the deviation sent in by
was stolen from someone else.
This is the link to the wallpaper "he made".…

When the owner asked it to be taken down or at least credited
he refused to, blocked the owner and proceeded to sell it.

The owner's :iconrariedash: 's original art:…
Rariedash's statement on this theft:…

So if you don't mind, please remove it, if you don't mind
make others who make MLP aware of this theif and check his
art for any other theft!

Thank you for your time!
TimeLadyVictorious Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015
Please don't hate on me for asking, but why do people like this show?
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